Mobile Dustless Blasting Equipment

Perfect for taking your business on the go.


DB500 Mobile S

  • The DB500 Mobile is perfect for residential/light commercial work.

  • The smaller trailer will fit in a standard garage and is the size of a 1/2 ton pickup truck.


DB800 Mobile

  • Ideal for medium sized industrial work as the jobs are typically larger.

  • 35–40% more productive than the DB500 Mobile.

  • The newly redesigned low trailer allows you to step on and off easily.


DB1500 Mobile

  • Ideal for heavy industrial work.

  • 33% more productive than the DB800 Mobile.


Model Blast Time Required Compressor
DB150 ~15 min 60+ CFM
DB225 ~30 min 185+ CFM
DB500 ~60 min 185+ CFM
DB800 ~90 min 185+ CFM
DB1500 ~2-3 hours 375+ CFM


Model Water Abrasive Rust Inhibitor
DB150 19 litres 23 kg 189 ml
DB225 38 litres 45 kg 379 ml
DB500 76 litres 91 kg 757 ml
DB800  114 litres 136 kg 1136 ml
DB1500 284 litres 340 kg 2839 ml

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