Dustless Blasting By Dustless Blasting • June 2, 2017

How can Dustless Blasting Benefit Your Business?

Over the years, we've seen so many people from so many different industries come in looking for solutions to their surface preparation and cleaning challenges. Most of them have left thrilled at what Dustless Blasting can do!

There are many ways our equipment can improve specific processes, or speed up particular tasks. For example, granite texturing and etching. But there are also some general ways that Dustless Blasting can really improve almost any operation that uses traditional sand blasting. We'll briefly review a few of these points in the video below:


Higher production rates. The added mass of the water in our system, combined with the fact that water does not compress like air does, gives the Dustless Blaster more energy with which to remove coatings. The cooling effect water has makes coatings like powder coat, under coat and extremely thick epoxy paint come off much faster than with dry blasting, because they become brittle rather than melting and getting gooey. 

1/3rd Lower Abrasive Consumption. Since the water adds mass and energy you're using less abrasive to accomplish more work. This saves money on abrasive, and saves time on cleanup.

Reduced Containment. Since most of the dust is suppressed by our system, elaborate containment is often unnecessary. Check out how one company saved $52,000 USD on just one project.