Dustless Blasting for Wood Restoration

Restore wood to its natural beauty.


A non-destructive method.

The adjustable pressure and flow of the Dustless Blaster make it gentle enough for every kind of wood surface, whether antique or modern.


No project too big or small.

With various sized nozzles and pressures at your disposal, you can tackle any project. Whether it’s intricate detail work or a huge log cabin, the Dustless Blaster can handle it.


Powerful and versatile.

Our machine can be used to restore antiques, furniture, cabins, decks, patios, siding and much more. Even wood etching is possible with this amazing tool!

Our eco-friendly blast media is made of recycled glass, and is safe for the environment.

See the results.

Remove failing coatings from decks with ease.

Wood siding is restored and ready for new paint or stain.

Weathering is removed quickly and easily.


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Remove paint, epoxy, lacquer, shellac, varnish, wax, acrylic paint, alkyd, polyurethane, and more!