Surface Cleaning

Restore masonry, stone, brick, concrete and more.

dustless blasting near plants

Adjustable flow control.

With the Dustless Blaster's adjustable pressure and abrasive flow, you have complete control over the strength of your blasting, meaning the substrate won't be harmed. Plus, it's far more effective than power washing.

dustless blasting brick graffiti

Remove virtually any coating.

Graffiti, line stripes, calcium or oil stains, mildew and even 100 years of grime can be removed with Dustless Blasting's powerful abrasive system.

removing yellow paint from cinderblock wall

Clean and compliant.

Dustless Blasters use recycled glass and water as the blast media, ensuring that you won't harm nearby plant life and will comply with governmental regulations.

The perfect tool for cleaning and restoring any type of masonry, stone, brick, concrete and so much more.

See the results.

dirty brick stairs before cleaned brick stairs after

Like new in minutes!

concrete floor cleaning before concrete floor cleaning after

Strip and clean with ease.

hands statue cleaned before hands statue cleaned after

Clean all types of surfaces in no time!


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“It’s the real deal! Never have I seen paint, powder coating, and even chrome get stripped as fast as it did. Dustless Blasting is truly a step into the future!

- Todd Caputo