Dustless Blasting for Fleet Vehicles

Update fleet vehicles quickly, inexpensively, and safely.


Save time, save money.

Our Dustless Blasting process is the quickest way to safely remove old paint and decals from fleet vehicles and keep up with their constantly updating graphics.


No warping.

The water in our process reduces friction and heat, which means that the aluminum siding of your fleet vehicle will not warp or bend, unlike using other blasting methods. 


Clean and efficient. 

Water and abrasive used in the blasting process is easily containable. Dustless Blasting is easy to clean up, and even gets around rivets and other hard to reach places.

Get your fleet on the road now.

See the results.


Get fleet vehicles back on the road in a flash!

moving van with graphics before moving van with graphics after

Easily and quickly remove old coatings to prepare for re-painting.


Strip paint and decals away in seconds!


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"It took me 3 days to strip a 53' trailer. I had to take all the decals off it first, wash it down, get all the adhesive off it...It was brutal! With Dustless Blasting, you can do that in 4 hours."

– Clean Works Mobile Blasting Services, Las Vegas, Nevada